1. Who is the Expansion Lab for?

This program is designed for Berlin-based companies (SMEs or scale-ups), research institutions, investors and institutions supporting start-ups that have completed a market orientation and are interested in entering the market or establishing economic relations with partners from the target region.

2. What are the entry criteria into the program?

You are eligible if you;
- Are registered in Berlin or Brandenburg. If you are not, it is not the end of the road, just leave your applications and we will talk to you.
- Operate in the broad fields of ICT, mobility, logistics or energy solutions.

3. Where is the program located?

The geographic locations for Expansion Lab are:
- Batch 1#: Japan & Korea
- Batch 2#: Jakarta & Singapore
- Batch 3#: India

4. What can I expect from the 3-week onsite program?

The Expansion Lab will allow you to immerse deeply in the local ecosystem of the selected region to build long-term relationships. Some of the activities you will be participating in are:
- Networking and team building events
- Investors & Ecosystem builder dinner
- Berlin ecosystem Demo Day
- Company visits to the major organizations in the region

5. I have submitted my application. What are the next steps?

After your submission, you will be invited for a 1:1 call to discuss your participation in greater detail. Based on this evaluation call you will hear back from us within a couple of days or weeks, and finally the latest 2 weeks after the end of the application period.

6. How is the program financed? Do I get my travel reimbursed?

The following is financially supported by the program:
- Mentorship from experienced industry experts
- Access to a network of investors and industry key players
- Workshops and education programs to enhance expansion
- Visits to selected key players 
- Demo Day at the target location 

Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the participant. We have listed a cost overview for you below in the section: ‘How much are the average expenses?’.

7. Do I have to attend all activities?

We are absolutely mindful of all of the work schedules the participants may have. Therefore the program is designed to provide value while accommodating to the participants’ needs and gives space for the participants to handle their own work and encourages them to have follow up meetings. The importance and requirements per activity will be communicated ahead of time. We encourage everyone to participate to the greatest extent feasible.

8. Do I have to establish a company in the selected country?

Considering establishing a business in the selected country is an exciting outcome of this program, however it is not required before or afterwards.

9. How much are the average expenses?

The average expenses for traveling to Asia can vary depending on the region. The general costs involved are; flights, accommodation, insurance, food and transport. We calculated that approximately the costs involved will be between 2000 - 4000 euro for the complete onsite visit of the Batch #1.