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What We Do

betahausX provides Access, Strategic Design, Scouting, and Engagement.

BETAPITCH organisers, OneCo cities & network multipliers


Access is currency. We make the world’s most innovative communities your playground.

By working with us, you get access to our deep global network and broad partner channels. We have a total of seven betahaus spaces in Berlin (2), Hamburg (2), Sofia, Barcelona and Tirana. We have over 200 partner communities in over 50 countries. We are present in every global innovation hub and in every vertical.


We show you how to use those communities to design, build and own your community.

We work with you to create an actionable concept, platform, and value proposition to attract the right stakeholders to follow you and become part of your community. As our team members have done this for decades, while your problems are critically important, they’re not new to us. What we do is help you establish and own your innovation community.


We help you find the best talent for your community.

There is a massive talent pool out there. Developers, entrepreneurs, startups of all shapes and sizes. We can find them for you, whether they’re in your own city or in Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Vilnius, Los Angeles, or, hey, you pick the last one. Everyone says they can find talent but we use our network and unique methodology to find the right people on the ground, rather than sitting behind our Macs scouring x-base or y-base.


We help you interact with your stakeholders by building and running the right innovation formats for you.

We don’t do innovation theater, but instead make tangible things happen through execution and preparation of the actionable platform, value proposition, and concept. We do this for each city, each event, each venue.

Success Stories

A glimpse at some projects we’ve undertaken with our clients


BETAPITCH, our flagship event and startup competition takes place all over the world - from Hamburg to Cairo, Istanbul, Seoul, Jönköping, Kuala Lumpur & more! By working with us, betahausX clients gain access to a talent pool of innovators they would simply never find. Each November, Investors Day & BETAPITCH Global attracts the our global network of startups, investors and partners to Berlin to watch the regional BETAPITCH winners compete.


With the goal of finding startups and co-investors, we helped a large German company with a venture arm formulate their China business development strategy, then designed and implemented a four-city trip to China and Hong Kong. We do this with clients from all over the world, many of whom are seeking this experience for the first time.


Our challenge working with Siemens was to bring together a group of talented developer teams to work on use-cases for three Siemens client companies in the machine-building space. In a quick turnaround time of a few weeks, we brought close to 50 talented people to Berlin for two days to work on designing real-world client solutions. It’s one thing to attract talent, and another thing entirely to harness the power of putting the right people together in the most dynamic rooms, whether here in Berlin or anywhere around the globe.


We run soft landing programs at our Berlin HQ for governments and national innovation offices from Australia to South Korea, Japan to Sri Lanka and more. The strength of our connections in the Berlin, German, European corporate and investment communities make us a prime destination and partner for startups coming from abroad in all verticals.

Our clients

And here is a glimpse at some of our clients.

Our home-grown projects 

Created and nurtured at betahaus

International startup pitch competition hosted by startup hubs around the world to find the best startups in local ecosystems. Winners and global community of startups investors and corporates are connected in Berlin at  Investors Day.

Global community and accelerator for entrepreneurs, industry professionals and makers dedicated to the creation of innovative hardware products and companies.

We are
betahaus X

We believe startups and corporates mutually benefit from collaborating. We’re here to find and facilitate the biggest synergies on both sides.

We’re here to make startups and corporates move faster, more efficiently, while they can remain focused on what they’re good at.

X creates ground for meaningful connections and supports startups on their journey to grow, scale and go-to market, by supporting large scale companies and corporates to innovate faster and create internal structure for onboarding talent and solutions.

Network of experts - startups as well as individuals.

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