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Change is the only constant in the world of business. Smart Change is the core principle that guides betahausX to learn and adapt solutions that companies can leverage towards their own upward transformation and in keeping pace with the changes in the market. Our agency helps companies identify challenges, provides digital transformation solutions, market-entry models and various consultancy based on experience and expertise.

betahausX was founded in 2015 as part of the betahaus Berlin open coworking space. Over the years we created business ecosystems, organized events and pitching competitions, and enabled foreign startups to enter the market in Germany and Europe. Our track record states the followed: served 300 corporate clients, organized 800 ecosystem tours and engaged with more than 3000 international startups.

One of the main characteristics that distinguishes us from large consultancy firms is that we are innovative, agile and responsive in providing custom-made solutions. Our team works together with the client towards reaching their goals. Because every company is surrounded by a unique set of opportunities and challenges, we can rely on our vast international network of experts, entrepreneurs and tech startups towards leveraging the models that are necessary to bring about results.

At its core, betahausX is led by young and innovative entrepreneurs and managers whose previous experience grew into expertise as part of the betahaus ecosystem. Our founding team of three grew into more than one dozen individuals. Looking ahead, we will continue what we do best - engage, innovate and support.  


The team behind betahausX

Maximilian von der Ahé
Co-Founder & CEO betahaus
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Katka Nagyova
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Olivia Czetwertynski
Chief Strategy Officer
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Idil Serifoglu
Creative producer
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Madeleine Gummer von Mohl
Co-Founder & CEO of Coworking
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Mateusz Matuszewsky
Creative Producer
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Theresa Fieseler
Head of Event
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Maria Pena
Head of Design
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Zoë-Misha Wouters
Head of Marketing
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Martin Anastasovski
Content Creator
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Malte Prien
Business Coach

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Michael Pachmajer
Co-Founder & MD d.quarks Digital Transformation

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Danny Holtschke
Agile Coach

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Jörn Hendrik
New Work Expert

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Makoto Takeda
EU Business Culture

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Mario Steinbuch
Market Entry Germanny

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Jeff Katz
Engineering and Manufacturing

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Tom Laterveer
Team Dynamic & Culture

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Juri Stobbe
Sales and E-commerce

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Bianca Praetorius
Communication & Pitch

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