GMEP Launchpad: Propelling Korean Health and Sports Tech Startups to International Markets

This ambitious initiative, the Global Market Expansion Program (GMEP) 2023, was tailor-made for growing sports and health tech startups and scaleups from Korea, aiming to provide them with an unparalleled springboard to global markets. The program, sponsored by KISED and KSPO and in partnership with Seoul Technopark and Kim Venturous, was a melting pot of culture, technology, and entrepreneurial spirit.



Startups and Program overview

The GMEP 2023 focused on a handpicked selection of 9 Korean companies specializing in various avant-garde technologies and innovations, including sustainable swimwear, hyper-personalized nutrition, AI-motion recognition, and wearable IoT technologies.

Here you can read more aout the selected startups and GMEP partners

Selected startups for the KISED-GMEP program 2023

The program's design was both intensive and comprehensive, spanning 4 weeks in Korea, blending online and onsite activities, followed by 6 action-packed weeks in Europe with the program HQ based at betahaus in Berlin, along with significant activities in Frankfurt, Bilbao, and Barcelona.

Kick off of the GMEP program in Seoul

Achievements and Impact

The GMEP 2023 was a testament to betahausX’s commitment to fostering innovation and global business expansion.

Some of the remarkable achievements of the program included:

  • Over 20 hours of lectures, trainings, and workshops, coupled with more than 100 hours of individual mentoring sessions.
  • Facilitation of over 50 business and investor meetings, alongside providing more than 20 pitch and product demonstration opportunities.
  • Provision of 6 weeks of office space at the program HQ in betahaus Kreuzberg.
  • Execution of 2 Investor Relations (IR) & Demo Days in Seoul and Berlin, thereby showcasing the participating companies to a wide array of European partners.
  • Engagement of over 50 European partners in the program, including notable names like SportsTechX, BerriUp, Berlin Partner, 36 Chambers, and GTAI, among others.
  • Organized visits to major sports venues in Europe, including the Mercedes Benz Arena and Camp Nou, offering a glimpse into the European sports industry’s magnitude.
  • A dedicated 1-week Korean delegation visit to Spain, exploring the Biscay ecosystem at the BAT Acceleration Tower and participating in the B-Venture conference.
  • A spotlight pitching session at the SportBIZ Barcelona 2023 Edition, one of the most prestigious sports conferences in the world.

Pitching of Korean startups on main Sports Bizz event in Baecelona

Investments and Future Prospects

The success of the GMEP 2023 was further underscored by betahausX’s investment in three companies: Ascentsports, Kinetic Lab, and NinetoSix/Walking Master.

This investment not only signifies betahausX's confidence in the program's participants but also marks the beginning of these startups' journey into the global arena.

About d.quarks and betahausX

Auf diese Fragen müssen alle Unternehmen und Organisationen schnell eine Antwort finden: Wie bleiben wir zukunftsfähig? Wie werden wir nachhaltiger? Mit welchen Geschäftsmodellen sind wir im digitalen Zeitalter genauso erfolgreich wie in der Vergangenheit? Unsere Partnerschaft hilft Antworten zu geben, denn wir verbinden den Zugang und das Wissen von Berlins ältester Startup-Community betahaus mit der Transformationserfahrung im Mittelstand und bei Familienunternehmen von d.quarks.

Mit Haltung gehen wir neue Wege.Wir machen Mut, mit den Veränderungen jetzt anzufangen und befähigen Menschen die Transformation selber durchzuführen.Dafür teilen wir unser Wissen, damit sich unsere Kunden in ihrer eigenen Geschwindigkeit verändern können. Dazu schaffen wir Dialogräume und entwickeln positive besetzte Zukunftsbilder.Wir arbeiten mit anderen kollaborativ, partizipativ und kokreativ zusammen.


The GMEP 2023 was more than just a program; it was a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and expansion.

By leveraging betahausX’s expertise, network, and resources, Korean sports and health tech startups were not only able to envision a global future but also take significant steps towards realizing it. As betahausX continues to design and operate such transformative programs, it stands as a beacon for startups around the world, guiding them towards international success and recognition.

The case of GMEP 2023 vividly illustrates betahausX's unparalleled capability to transform potential into success on the global stage, making it an ideal partner for startups aiming for international expansion.