IMD University's MBA Students Embark on Activity-Filled Day with betahausX

betahausX was entrusted by the organization Germantech to provide a full day of immersive activities in Berlin for 100 students from Switzerland's IMD Business School for Management and Leadership. Our experts developed a program for the students to engage in problem-solving situations, bespoke networking opportunities and leadership development. The event took place in the midst of the covid pandemic, requiring special precautions in order to secure a breakout-free experience for all.


  • Acquiring hands-on experiences in leadership
  • Developing professional networks while at university
  • Getting valuable insight into the innovation ecosystem


  • 100 students received dedicated networking sessions with startups in specified areas
  • Future business leaders attended leadership sessions with notable experts
  • Participated in a prototyping/problem-solving workshop

The Journey

In early August of 2021, betahausX was presented with the challenge of taking 100 of IMD University's MBA students on an immersive tour that would open the door to Berlin's business ecosystem and provide them with hands-on learning and networking experience.

The main challenge was not so much guiding 100 students through tight scheduling as it was finding ways to keep everyone safe during a sensitive time and in line with the corona pandemic official safety guidelines. 

We succeeded in that part of the challenge by implementing contact tracing apps and breaking down the group into smaller groups while ensuring that every student received a meaningful set of interactions and experiences.

All three groups visited the betahaus coworking space in Kreuzberg at a different time to meet Max, the company's cofounder. Max talked about the ways in which a coworking space can create an entire business ecosystem which empowers emerging companies and entrepreneurs. 

The students met with nine entrepreneurs and representatives of startups and scaleups from the ecosystem. The three panel discussions, titled Ignite Talks, exposed each group to the development and survival dynamic of new and maturing businesses, their successes and shortcomings, present challenges and the implementation of professional networks.. 

For some students this was an opportunity to talk about their own ideas and connect with professionals based in Berlin. While theoretical knowledge and student-teacher collaborations are fundamental parts of the learning curve, having the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs who are on the proving grounds, constitutes an invaluable experience.

While absorbing the insights delivered by the exceptional individuals from the betahaus Berlin ecosystem, the students were able to trace out the fundamentals of purposeful networking and expand their own list of professional contacts.

Three additional events completed a full day's schedule of activities for the future leaders from IMD University’s MBA school. 

Nicolas Reitmeier, entrepreneur and strategy consultant, talked from his experience as a product developer for large corporations looking for high-tech solutions. Nicolas made mention of developing business models, strategies, prototypes, raising operational funds, attracting investors and more.

The topic of leadership was covered by Rebecca Weisl, founder of the Institute of Tech Life Balance and an expert in change management, leadership and innovation. Rebecca reflected on the changing nature of leadership through history ending with a contemplative coverage on the core precepts that comprise good leadership today and what is expected of business leaders.

The day concluded with an engaging workshop that was developed and facilitated by Lutz Haase who is all about helping people and businesses grow - by sharing his own experience, knowledge and network.

Lutz invited the participants to develop their own business prototypes by deploying their imagination and business acumen through the use of Lego blocks. The "innovations" were presented to the audience, but not before they were assessed for shortcomings and improvements. 

The prototyping workshop enabled IMD's students of management and leadership to own their product and “sell it” in a way that is convincing and backed by deep knowledge of its inner workings. 

About d.quarks and betahausX

Auf diese Fragen müssen alle Unternehmen und Organisationen schnell eine Antwort finden: Wie bleiben wir zukunftsfähig? Wie werden wir nachhaltiger? Mit welchen Geschäftsmodellen sind wir im digitalen Zeitalter genauso erfolgreich wie in der Vergangenheit? Unsere Partnerschaft hilft Antworten zu geben, denn wir verbinden den Zugang und das Wissen von Berlins ältester Startup-Community betahaus mit der Transformationserfahrung im Mittelstand und bei Familienunternehmen von d.quarks.

Mit Haltung gehen wir neue Wege.Wir machen Mut, mit den Veränderungen jetzt anzufangen und befähigen Menschen die Transformation selber durchzuführen.Dafür teilen wir unser Wissen, damit sich unsere Kunden in ihrer eigenen Geschwindigkeit verändern können. Dazu schaffen wir Dialogräume und entwickeln positive besetzte Zukunftsbilder.Wir arbeiten mit anderen kollaborativ, partizipativ und kokreativ zusammen.


betahausX made a significant contribution to GermanTech’s immersive Berlin experience for the students of IMD University by connecting them with exceptional individuals who have succeeded in completing the transition of harboring an ambition to realizing their entrepreneurial potential. The networking incorporated in the Ignite Talks was one part of the hands-on experience for the students. This experience was expanded on with two talking events featuring young business leaders who gave both a theoretical and factual account on the subjects of leadership and business development. In summary, we at betahausX delivered our best on the promise of providing these future business leaders and entrepreneurs with the best immersive experience in Berlin’s exciting business ecosystem